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June 6, 2010


I found an amazing pattern yesterday! Lacy and lightweight, it's sort of a cross between a shawl and a shrug with cardigan sleeves- just really pretty and feminine-and lacy, did I mention lacy? You should check it out! Tthe creator has made the pattern available free from her site.
See pics and get the pattern Here.
There is an amazing amount of talent floating about the cyber-knitting sphere. It truly is awe-inspiring! I need to knit faster- I will have the best wardrobe, seriously.

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This blog is mainly to document my journey in Work: Knitting, Crochet and learning to do things such as Tatting, Netting, Drawn Thread Work and Sewing. Plus anything cool I find along the way :)
Lately, I have become really interested in 19th century fashion! But I also have a huge interest in expanding my skills with the goal that eventually, I will be able to make my clothes. I love to wear Salwar Kameez, but I want to be able to design and make my own, especially outfits in fabrics that are suited to colder weather since I live in upstate NY!